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Welcome, Linux fans.
Here are some useful tools, especially for (home) administrators.

Link Description

fuseradd V2.3
fuserdel V1.1
crypt V1.1
Tools for easy creating and removing of user groups (also in Samba). You need a file containing user names and, if necessary, passwords and user descriptions. With fuseradd you can have all the users created that are specified in the file, and with fuserdel you can have them removed (removal from samba not supported by older samba versions).

Very useful e.g. for computer courses.

Included is a C programme for encrypting passwords that is used by fuseradd. It is precompiled under SuSE Linux for Intel 80386, kernel 2.4.20-4GB, using shared libraries. The source file is included, too (crypt.c, compile with '-lcrypt').

For further details please use the help option of the two applications ('fuseradd -h' or 'fuserdel -h', resp.).
toggleinitlevel A programme for switching init levels. For details call 'toggleinitlevel -h'.

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