Some Solutions for the Old 666-Mystery

The following is written in the Bible in the Apokalypsis of Iohannes, Chap. 13 Verse 18:

"Here is the wisdom. He who hath understanding may reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, and its number is six hundred sixty-six."

This mystery surely has inspired quite a lot of people to think and to investigate. I have stumbled over two different solutions within half a year, and they seem so simple to me that I can hardly understand why no one else has found them before (or is it that they have been found but kept as a secret ?).

In medias res: At first, I want to explain something concerning the two solutions. The solutions themselves can be found in the table below.

1st Solution :

The first solution is based on the ancient Olympiad counting.
Today, we call the (sporting ?) event Olympiad, but in ancient times it were rather the times between two events that were called Olympiads. In the year 776 B.C. the first games took place, so this was the beginning of the first Olympiad. It ended four years later, when the second one began and so on.
Actually, it didn't just go on like that, because the change of the time - from B.C. to A.D. - raises some sort of singularity. As anyone can understand, the 194th Olympiad began 4 B.C., but it ended in the year 1 A.D., because there has never been a year "zero". - The simplest explanation for those who tend to not believe it: Our year counting was installed in the year 531 A.D., but the number "zero" has been brought to us by Arabian scientists many years later. Before that time, the number "zero" didn't exist in people's mathematics nor in their consciousness. Every chronology starts with the year "one".
In the table below "Nb" will be used for the numbers of the Olympiads B.C., "Na" for the Olympiads A.D., i.e. starting with 195.

2nd Solution:

This solution, too, is based on a chronology, but on one that has never been officially used, as far as I know. and that is the chronology of the Julian Calendar. Here, I don't mean the shaping of the years, but the time of it being effective. Reforming the calendar had become necessary, because the beginning of the year had shifted more and more (several months already). So it happened in the year 46 B.C. by order of the very Caesar some "leap months" were inserted to restore the original year and after that, starting with 45 B.C., we had the "new" Julian Calendar. So, the year 45 B.C. actually is the year "one" of the Julian Calendar. Calculating from here to the year 666 of the Julain Caendar is quite simple for those with mathematical proficiency, for the others I have made it obvious in the second part of the table below.

I used "Yb" in the table for the years B.C (i.e. 1-45), and "Ya" for the years A.D. (starting with 46).
1st Solution:    
No. of the Olympiad Beginning End
1 776 B.C. 772 B.C.
2 772 B.C. 768 B.C.
... ... ...
Nb (Before Christ) 780-(4*Nb) B.C.  776-(4*Nb) B.C.
... ... ...
193 8 B.C. 4 B.C.
194 4 B.C. 1 A.D. (->Text above)
195 1 A.D. 5 A.D.
196 5 A.D. 9 A.D.
... ... ...
Na (After Christ's birth) 1+((Na-195)*4) A.D. 1+((Na-194)*4) A.D.
... ... ...
665 1881 A.D. 1885 A.D.
666 1885 A.D. 1889 A.D. !!!
... ... ...
694 1997 A.D. 2001 A.D.
2nd Solution:    
"Julian" Year "Christian" Year  
1 45 B.C.  
2 44 B.C.  
... ...  
Yb 46-Yb B.C.  
... ...  
45 1 B.C.  
46 1 A.D. (-> Text above)  
47 2. A.D.  
... ...  
Ya Ya-45 A.D.  
... ...  
666 621 A.D.  
667 622 A.D.  

As anyone can see and understand, the end of the 666th Olympiad was in 1889, and as anyone is able to read in a history book, 1889 was the year when Adolf Hitler was born (Didn't we all know it already ?).
At the end of the year 666 of "Julian time", there was the beginning of the year 622 A.D., which was the year when the founder of the Islam, Mohammed, settled from Mekka to Medina, and this is the year "one" of the Islamic calendar, so calculating the Islamic year (Yi) from the "Julian" year (Yj) is: Yi = Yj - 666

If you want to know, which of the two solutions is more probable (or even true?), try and find out yourself...

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